Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The River that insists on looking like a road ......

This painting was a disaster from start to finish. For a start I didn't plan it out ........ I was trying to paint from memory as I had no ink in my printer and I never had a ref image near me when painting.....I know excuses excuses ..... I just can't paint landscapes to add to the ever growing list of things I can't paint ....... I guess my heart wasn't really in this one but I felt I had to do it for the challenge.
I do love this scene and I may take my time and try to do a proper painting of it. I go walking here a lot .... there is a little path that runs right along the side of the River Tow....a very romantic spot to be walking .....
See if you can guess which one of the following pictures is my painting? ROFLOLPIMP
This is so embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It is not at all embarrassing. What is embarrassing is that I still haven't started mine. I just haven't had time, I have been flat out with paid work.

    I like this a lot, and if you want the water to look like water, add the reflections of the trees and bushes on the river banks. Make the reflections broken so we can tell it is a moving river and not a stationary path.

    I realise your reference has no shadows, but you could make some with your photo editing program.

    I did some for you and will email them to you.

  2. You have done quiet well on this Anne, so please don't be embarrassed!

    A few things I can see that you could improve...adding some darker values in the foreground and the water and some shading on the trees to show a light source.
    I like the distance area, very well done, Anne ;)

  3. Oops...I forgot say that you painted the last ref pic...right??? ;)

  4. Methinks it is a mixture of nos 2 and 4 which is a problem because the light is different in each.


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