Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have chosen this reference photo for three reasons: 1. the light, 2. the challenge of painting white tones and 3. I hope the portrait artists among us will be encouraged to accept the challenge. Please post on Sunday evening 10 May (local time). Enjoy! Colleen


  1. OOOHHH! Very nice Colleen! JJ's gonna love this one!! LOL...BTW is it an Ibis?

  2. Ree,
    I think the accolades should go to David (my husband). He is the photographer. I'll pass them on.

    It is a White Egret - here, popularly called a White Heron.

  3. Tell DAvid this is an awesome photo. Can't wait to get started!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous photograph Colleen!!...any chance of getting a bigger picture?

  5. No fair, JJ already did this. It's a great photo David, nice work. Looks like something I may do better on.

    BTW, Colleen, don't post your email online, bad idea all round, erase it asap....

  6. I haven't done this one yet Bruce? I am looking forward to it though. I love painting white things.

    Remember Bruce, when you painted the snow plough picture, I suggested you add colour to your snow, same thing applies here.

    White is not white and grey folks.. :-D

    Colleen your post is erased.

  7. WOOT!!!!!!! I have finished mine and even I like it. What a wonderful picture to paint I really enjoyed it. I am going to mirror the image and paint another one facing the other way..:-))


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