Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Annes Zorn Palette Challenge

Hastings point! I took this photo way back in 2004 I think, of the sunset at Hastings point. We had gone for a drive down there with Tania and her family for a picture shoot, plein air paint for me, and just some good old family get together fun, as we did in those days. I have been meaning to paint it for a long time, but was mystified as to which palette I wanted to use, as the colours in the photo are very subdued and I like them that way.
I had the headache from hell this afternoon, so I lay down for a nap. I started to dream about this painting so when I woke up I went straight down to my studio and painted it. This is a study for a larger painting I am going to do for a competition. 10" x 12" acrylic canvas Zorn Palette except I didn't use the cad red. I only used the black, which in my case was Neutral Tint as I didn't have ivory black, only a cheap tube of lamp black, yellow ochre and white.


  1. How wonderful it must be to dream about something and then go paint it .....
    It's amazing just what you can do with a limited palette JJ! You certainly have captured the light in the sky and water. Those lower clouds are very interesting ....they could also be distant snow covered mountains with mist hanging over them ..... lovely work!!.

  2. This photo is not showing the painting very well. There are blue mountains at the base of the clouds.

    I used to have painting dreams every night. It was amazing, and I dream in colour too. I can also get my dream to rewind if I want to lol, handy when it is an exciting part. "wink-wink"

    I am glad my painting dreams have come back, because they are the main source of my inspiration.

  3. Your dreams must be very dramatic JJ as this has all the drama of a pending storm, with the calm sea and the build up of the clouds...'The Calm Before The Storm'...! ;)Well done!

  4. Very nice colours JJ. Boy, I'm jealous. I wish I could rememeber some of my dreams, much less rewind them. We are all wired differently. Well, ok, my wires are crossed, but as long as they don't burn out eh?

    My only nit JJ would be that your horizon is slanted to the right agian. a recurring problem in landscapes I notice. Maybe you shouldn't drink so much while you paint eh? hehehehehe ROTFLOLPIMP.

  5. You are too funny Mr!!!

    Yes I see what you mean btw.


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