Saturday, April 4, 2009

Caesia Silver Princess Gum Tree and a Red and Green Kangaroo Paw

10" x 12" on canvas in acrylics.


  1. I love the gum tree is so delicate and pretty. Maybe the kangaroo paw could do with being made more delicate looking ....but just my opinion!! ...I have no idea what they look like for real ....

  2. Yes you are right, this Kangaroo Paw didn't go so well as the last one. It was a different photo, and not a good photo to start with.

    I will paint the other one again, it was lovely to paint.

  3. JJ, I love the flowers and done well on the leaves too!
    With the kangaroo paw, I think that maybe a smaller brush for the stem and buds and some lighter values, but that's only MO...;)

  4. Thanks Ree Lucky for me my neighbour has one of these gorgeous trees in full bloom right now!!! I got some wonderful photo's on the one day last week we have sunshine :-))

  5. The Gum Tree I meant, not the Kangaroo Paw..


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