Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Veggie-Fruit Juice Part Deux

Late I know, but with all that is going on and only having limited time due to my health..etc, etc, excuses...excuses...excuses.....Not nearly as clean and crisp as JJ's entry, but I finished this amid a near nervous breakdown and in a funk of depression, wah wah wah...even I can't stand it anymore..

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, fighting something I'm not used to facing...fear... I go for another heart operation on Apr 2 in Toronto. So bear with me please...


  1. ((((((((((((Bruce)))))))))))) You are in my heart and thoughts, and I am sending all the positive vibes I can muster to you. I will pray for you. I have a good feeling about this, and yes you are scared, but you will come through it, you know you will. There is no room upstairs for you yet. Each day we have is a precious gift, for all of us, and none of us know when our time has run out. Dream, plan for your future, that is what God intended.

    Your painting is gorgeous. Your glass looks like frosted glass. To fix that, if you wanted to, just add more colour to the reflections in the glass. To make the handle less frosted, just add more darks, the background colour, and some more red from the tomato, full strength, and add a little green from the tomato leaves. You paint fabric beautifully.

    Seriously, you have a beautiful painting here, and oneday you will look at it and say wow that isn't bad after all. This was a very hard reference for a beginner, you sure got a lot of learning in with this one. :-))

  2. Thanks JJ, (blush blush) Prayers a good and encouragment too, thanks.

    Re the glass, I'm not happy with it but I got to the point where i was afraid I'd kill it if I did more to it.

  3. I can understand that as I felt like that with mine too. Honestly. It took me around 9 hours to paint that darn thing.. I was getting ready to toss it too, until I went upstairs, had my dinner, went back downstairs and looked at it, and said done! I know there are a couple of things I did wrong on mine, one being that decal is not straight with the rim of the glass. Now it is pointed out to me it is bugging me, but I am not going to change it as i will mess it up for sure.

    While I was painting it, I just decided to forget it was a glass. I just painted the shapes I saw in the values I saw.

    In your glass, I would have made that little bit going up into the tomato from the bottom darker, that would make the glass more transparent down there.

    You did extremely well and you should be proud of this!

  4. Sorry you are having such a tough time are in my thoughts and prayers...(((hugs)))

    I really like the frosted glass, looks like it just came from fridge!
    The eclipses are a little wobbly, just needs a steadier hand ;)
    The back lighting and the fabric are great!
    Well done Bruce, you are improving with each painting ;)

  5. I will post the reworked versionand hope I don;t get yelled at.

  6. this is very nice. Much improved composition as well.

  7. Thanks Mimi, not bad considering everyone complained that it was an impossoble setup adn that the composiiton was flawed. I love the drama of the cloth background.

    Actually, I sat and tried to paint just the background and I was befuddled by the complexity of the cloth. The old masters knew what they were doing painting it so well. It anint easy, at least for me.

  8. Gorgeous painting Mackb and (((BIG HUGS))) and prayers going your way. You have been such an inspiration to us all .....

  9. Thanks Anne, I am glad to know I help inspire. That makes me feel better than anything..

    In a couple of weeks they will operate agaion and hopefully that will be the end of all my fatigue and better for you guys, the end of my griping.

  10. Mackb ....I haven't heard one bit of griping ....I have only heard good natured banter!
    If good thoughts help then you will get plenty from us all here .....

  11. Hey you, Mr Bruce. I know full well what lethargy does to you. To have no energy, feel wiped out, it is the most frustrating sensation. There is so much to do, and absolutely no energy to do it. I have dragged myself out of bed, because I have to, dragged myself around the house knowing I have things to do, but not even having the energy to think about them let alone doing them. I have a bowel disease, and it can be so damned debilitating at times. Thankfully I have my good weeks and my bad week, but that lack of energy is always just under the surface.

    You are not alone, we all have our health problems, and if you want to vent here, have a gripe, a rant, a full on let off steam and the hell with all, you go for it, that is what friends are for, to unload to each other.


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