Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Todays Paintings (4)

I painted four 10"x12" paintings today, for my market stall. I gesso'd the background before I painted the picture.


  1. JJ these are great!! Good enough to eat!!

    The onion and skin look great in pic #1
    I don't think I've seen blue garlic before but there is always a first time! lol
    Love the onion tops going to seed in pic #3! ;)
    Nice cherries only they are little too dark on my monitor, to see all the values...;) Well done JJ!

  2. Show off....What do you thinuk you are, a commercial artist with a following? Go girl...

    I like the first pic, the onion, nice work and believable. And the last pic is three nice tomatoes, eh? lollolololol

  3. that first onion is gorgeous! I'll bet you sell it quickly.
    give those garlics a background and they will spring to life too.
    something's wrong with your cherry stems, but the cherries are very cherry. :-)

  4. I am never going to live down the cherry tomatoes am I lol..

    Thanks guys for your support!!!!!

  5. You sure are on a healthy track lately JJ!!!
    I love that onion!! ....there I've said it!!


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