Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Todays painting (3) Florals

These paintings are from my imagination. 2 are 10"x 12" and the pedestal one is 12" x 16" This is my first attempt at painting impressionist roses.


  1. Nice paintings from inside yoru head, nicer than the stuff in my head.

    I have found that even if I am going to use my imagination, it is handy to have an example of what you want to paint handy. ie) Have a rose nearby to work from.

    Even tho they are ok, impressionistic means the essence of, with few strokes, not sorta like the real thing.

    The first and second are stylized versions of the real thing, the roses being too round and the second the tulips are too manicured, too neat.

    The third painting approaches impressionism becasue it shows fewer brushstrokes and looser strokes and the idea, not a clean fussed over version like #2.

    I hope that makes some sense to you JJ. Impressionism is fun and you should be able to do it well becasue you have the fundamentals of painting down pat, where as I'm still learning form and colour manipulation.

    Think of impressionism as a series of gesture paintings.

    For example, Do a gesture painting of each petal, aone strole for each petal. Ovderall, fewer and bolder will get what you want. As long as you get the direction and bend right, you don't have to be too detailed like #2.

    Do each petal with a blend of colours on the brush and build the body of the flower with each successive stroke.

    I think I am rambling now, so I will leave you alone...

  2. I like your ramblings and thank you very much!! You do make sense. It is hard for this realist to paint impressionism, but I want to try more of them, especially the roses. These roses are over-painted. I just didn't leave well enough alone. I should have put the brush strokes down, which by the way didn't look too bad in the beginning ;-) and then I fiddled. I wont change these are they are quirky, and Ree said she felt happy looking at them, a happy painting. I actually did have a picture of roses nearby, shhhhhhhhhhhh.

    My favourite part is the pot. It look really pretty in person.

  3. Hey I like pot too, oh, not that kind of pot, eh? rotflol

    I had to stop trying impressionistic paintings for a while becasue it became obvious to me that my work was an excuse not to learn the fundamentals. I have had to backtrack all the way to drawing, painting still lifes and copying photos to learn about the fundamentals and know how to paint ralistically.

    Only then will I be able to mix in my imagination (a al the ant pic) to make surreal, impression or abstract art.

    The French Impressionists and the Canadian Group of Seven (Early 1900's)were first and foremost excellent draftsmen and perfect realist painters.

    They knew how to paint exactly, but reduced all their brush strokes to gesture strokes, choosing to highlight colour first and composition second. But they knew exactly how to use the seven laws of contrast in most paintings.

    Look at the work of Van Googh, Manet in his last years and the work of AY Jackson and Lawren Harris in the Group of Seven years to see what I mean.

    I spent days staring at Group of Seven works near Toronto and love the simplicity of their work. Remember, they did most of their work Plein Aire (sp?) and didn't want to take time to polish their work. They did oil sketches outside (in bug infested woods in Canada) and reworked them in the studio using the same plein aire techneques.

    Lawren Harris is my favorite artist of all, even his most polished paintings look minimalist, but I rant again, sorry.

  4. first painting:
    continue the effort you did with these roses with a better background; i think you'll end up with a sensational painting.
    They are lovely, I like the colors a lot.

  5. Rant away, I love it. Discussing art, artists and techniques is what it is all about!

    Yes I whole heartedly agree with you. To be a surrealist, you must first be a well trained realist. Monet - Picasso - Manet and the like were realists first. Look at their earlier work, read up about their training. Only once you know the "rules" of composition, perspective,and the like, colour theory is important too, can you break said rules. ej once has a project he wanted he and I to do. Actually I wont tell you, I will make it my next challenge when my turn comes around again.

    AS for my roses, I need to learn how to paint them realistically. I have done a couple in watercolour years ago, but not many. I am not that fond of painting florals, but I am trying to do some for the Creative Market. I have been studying other artists impressionist approach to roses, and I absolutely see, I need to get my sketch book out and draw some studies first. One can't paint something realistic or surrealistic unless one is familiar with ones subject. This is why I push good drawing skills, a sketch book is the most important tool an artist can have. Sketching down ones idea's when one thinks of them, painting sketches, drawing over and over again is the only way. I tis fun too, once you get past that block in your mind that you can't draw.

    Go get a half carton of eggs, sit it on the table and draw it! Keep drawing it until it is perfect. Will only take you three goes at most if you don't fret about it. Then get a couple of glasses and set them on the table and draw them. Draw the glass and what you see through the glass. When you are done post them here in the blog..

  6. Thank you Mimi. What don't you like about the background?

  7. Well JJ I like all three paintings!!

    Roses...Not sure of the light source, is it above? Adding some values to the centres will give form to the roses IMO...I like the background ;)

    Tulips...needs more values on the flowers and how the flowers are at different stages of development, a nice touch JJ...;)

    Vase of flowers (can't remember the name of them)lol...some negative painting added to the centre area would give more depth and lengthen the shadow a the vase, so cute!

    Well done on theses JJ!! ;)

  8. Rant rant give me more homework ? Rant rant rant...And drawing to boot? grrrr rant rant rant...

    Good observations mimi and ree, gotta keep jj on her toes...

  9. Thank you Ree.

    Now you listen up Mr Bruce, quit ranting and put that energy into drawing those eggs!!!! Whinge-whinge-whinge, sheesh!!!!!


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