Friday, March 13, 2009

Tomato Juice (just for Bruce)

I have to tell you Bruce, that wasn't an easy one to paint. Took me all day. I just painted the shapes, and stepped back, and saw I had a glass..;-))


  1. Now that's a glass!!!
    The reflections are spot on! Great work JJ!!

  2. bEST GLAss ever, sHow OfF

    can u tell my kids are attack my puter?

  3. :-)) at your kids..

    I had no idea this painting would come out this way. I just painted the shapes and this is what I got. In this case I did follow the reference I had cropped, I only changed the pink colour as I HATE pink :-)))

    Just paint the shapes. Forget it is a glass. Adjust your reference photo in your photo editing program. Bump up the contract and saturation, and paint exactly what you see. Turn the painting and the reference picture upside down and paint the shapes. You can do it Bruce, but it really is a little hard, yes. Not really a reference for beginners, but go for it, stretch yourself. When I was learning I was always reaching for the sky, and if someone said I couldn't paint that thing, it was beyond my ability, I went ahead and painted it anyway. All learning, all experience.

    Did I mention just paint the shapes!! ;-)

    Copy my painting for practice if you want..


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