Friday, March 13, 2009

Fiddle Case

I did this one at the Art Grout meeting today.
Any suggestions for a better title instead of "fiddle case"?


  1. Fiddling Around?

    Is That a Fiddle or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

    I'm Not Violin, I'm a Pacifist.

    Blues on Hold

    (Nice pic btw)

    Rat-a-tat Blues

    Violin Respite

  2. Is That a Fiddle or Are You Just Happy to See Me? LOL ....I love it!

  3. I think this is really nice. Knowing how the camera washed out the colour on acrylics, I would say the values are darker in person, right?

    I really like this a lot Anne, it is different..

    I thought of a name earlier, now it's gone..

  4. Anne, I think there would be a shadow on the wall behind the case near the bottom IMO ;)

    Love the detail on the handle and clips...well done Anne!

  5. Ree are right ....that was my deliberate mistake to see how many would notice and you are the first one to spot it don't get a prize though .....sorry! ROFLOLPIMP

    This is a small fiddle case that was presented to my father in 1989 and inside it was an ornamental bronze coloured fiddle and bow. It all came with a presentation stand which has the words "To Jim McGill in Recognition of his Untiring Contribution to Traditional Music 13.9.89"
    I will post a small pic of it .... can you tell I am proud of my father? He taught kids how to play the fiddle and even on the night he died, nearly 15 years ago, he was getting ready to go out teaching.

  6. Yeah sure.......!!!!! You forgot that shadow!!! AND I noticed it, them forgot to comment. I am glad Ree did rotflol..

  7. .....sorry JJ prize for you either and I actually did notice it myself after I took the photograph but I thought I will let it go and see if anybody in OC notices it but they didn't ..... ROFLOLPIMP .....I seriously will need to stock up on more panties at this rate .......

  8. .........then don't wear any hehehehehe

    I haven't commented on OC yet, and as God is my witness, and Ree, I am going to mention it when I comment.

    Just goes to show, that folks are not really looking at the work properly, hey..

  9. JJ go you on to OC and spot it for me!!!! .........ROFLOLPIMP

  10. You should know that one!!!! Open Critique ;-))


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