Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleepy Falls

I did this as a challenge for Wc, off my own photo. Unfortunatly, I have had some rough days due to my heart, so I thrashed this off with a knife in an hour, so not my best. I really need to know how to paint this kind of water.


  1. I think you did great with this Mackb has the energy of a quickie!

  2. Nice work Bruce ;)

    Adding more values to the white water area will make this painting work better IMO!;)

    Hope you feel better very soon Bruce *hugs*

  3. WOW!!!! You paint real good with those knives!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!

    I have this printed out, for my next painting. At present I am working on Tomato Juice. I have been working on it all day, man it is hard painting a tomato in a glass!!!!!!!

  4. Tahnks ladies for your kind words. JJ, hehehehe, I know your pain.


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