Monday, March 16, 2009

Say a prayer for me .....

I'm not sure why I painted this but I felt I wanted to. It's not that I'm into religion! My mother would turn in her grave if she knew how nonreligious I was!
She was the exact opposite. She was the type of woman who went to mass every day and said the rosary often. When we were kids we had to kneel down and say the rosary every night before bedtime......I hated it .....
My step grandmother tried to talk me into becoming a nun ..... I didn't ......


  1. how interesting that you also painted it in B & W.
    I'm glad you're not a nun.
    This painting is really beautiful. I love how you painted the beads.
    The composition is pretty cool too and you did nice work with the hands.

  2. I thought of your Mother as soon as I saw this painting, and before I read your comments! How is that!!!!! I think it is a very good painting. I a little dark maybe and the wrist seems a little too skinny on the upturned arm, but the fingers look good, and the rosary looks great. I like the veins on the back of the hand..

  3. Nice work Anne! What an unusual subject... maybe someone's trying to tell you something! LOL

    I think the light on the upturned fingers would be the same value as the other hand as they are both facing the light source IMO

    Well done Anne!

  4. Extrordinary Anne, wonderful and full of mood and a great story. God bless you for revering your mother so. I'm gald you aren't a nun either, but I'm sure she just wanted you to honour God with your life.


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