Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Todays painting WIP

This is from a reference picture in the wc image library. Ree had it on her computer and sent it to me. Acrylic 12" x 16" I wanted to paint glass for Bruce. Bottle is finished I am starting the grapes now, well maybe tomorrow as it is midnight now..


The camera has hardened the lines some what, and the liquid line is a lot more subtle that that in the painting.


All my paintings are drawn freehand. Just thought I should mention that, as I know some folks trace, but I haven't traced in years. I love drawing. Like everything the more one practices, the better one gets.. :-))

Fire away..


  1. Nice work so far JJ ;)

    The bottle appears solid maybe some more highlight is needed...the handle bothers me a bit, the angle needs adjusting a little...IMO. I like how you handled the pattern, and the cork, great! ;)

    Can't wait to see the cat/dog appear! Hehehe!

  2. uh, JJ, it looks like neither of the pics I posted. So are you just showing off for us?

    Why would any self-respecting artist trace? Isn't that cheating? I thot freehand was what artists do. Isn't that the challenge of an artist? I guess silly me....

  3. Some artist do trace, for several reasons. Time, limited drawing skills, impatience, get that tracing down and paint, paint paint.. A lot of folks start off tracing, then progress to drawing freehand when they gain confidence. I will draw out my reference picture in small scale if it is a difficult one, and then put that drawing into my projector and trace it. I had to do that for the racing car I painted. I tried to draw straight on the canvas but it threw me off. When I drew it in a piece of A4 paper it was so much easier. I have only used the projector 3 times since I bought it though, as it is easier most times and quicker for me to draw straight on the canvas. I will take a photo of my next drawing so you can see how much detail I put in. In the bottle I didn't draw the pattern, I put that in after I had painted it, just by painting the shaped as I saw them.

    Showing off? moi? No I aren't. Can I tell you, you glass reference just don't do much for me. I am still working out what I am going to do with them. ;-)

  4. JJ....I love this!! ....I want to do that picture too ....send the photograph ref to me pleeeeeeeeeze


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