Monday, March 2, 2009

My Backyard

Now you all know why I don't paint with watercolours. This is a view from my kitchen window and it was supposed to show the bottles sitting on the wiondow sill. No need to say it ladies, I'm a terrible painter with watercolours.


  1. For painting without a drawing first, I think you did really well.!!! The bottles look great, really they do.

    If you have a look at my website and click on lessons, there is a lesson for a lotus bloom. It is a good lesson for getting the feel of glazing watercolours. There is another lesson there for a door. That also is a good lesson to teach you how to build up colours and add texture. Try them.. I unsubscribed you from the comments..;-)

  2. oh yes and I meant to say editing our comments isn't possible in this blog. It is a simple format. Most annoying, but we seem to have to delete the comment entirely and repost the corrected version. I can edit for you if necessary though, through the dashboard, as I am the blog leader or something. I set up the blog. I think it is crazy. I just copy my post delete it and re-paste it in a new comment box, make corrections to it then submit again.

  3. Thanks JJ for the lies, er, I mean, encouragment. You don't have to tell me ugly is good, I know from standing in front of the subject that I didn't do it well. Thank you for the directions and I will look at your site closer and try to absorb your vast knowledge.

    How did you unsubscribe me? I didn't see how. How do I get back to the dashboard because that is where I edited before?

  4. You can subscribe nor unsubscribe yourself. You have to ask me to do it, it seems. I started the blog, so I am the only one with the authority to get into those tools, evidently. I am very new to blogging, this is my first blog actually, so I don't know how it all works yet..

    I was NOT lying. I like this painting, it is naive, and neat!!!!! So if you think it is ugly, paint it again, and try drawing it first lightly in pencil.. Watercolour does need a sketch to start with, when you are just learning. Well most times..

    Enjoy those watercolours, they can be much fun. Honest!

  5. Why scketch? Doesn't it interfere with the painting?

  6. You don't have to sketch at all. A lot of people don't, they just draw with their brushes. I used to do that when I painted landscapes in acrylics and oils, but, watercolour is a little different. It is good to have basic drawing skills for watercolour. I like to draw a light sketch of what I am going to paint on my watercolour paper before I lay on paint. There is no room for errors in watercolour. Once you have put that brush stroke down it is pretty much there for good. You can't really rework it like acrylics..

  7. Mackb ....the reason why I don't paint with watercolours ....mine all turn out worse than this of yours is!!! yours looks good from a distance though! .....

  8. You're too kind anne, and yees from a distance, behind a closed dooor and facing the other way, lololol

  9. Hi Bruce...good try...;)
    When I first start doing watercolours... mine were terrible... it takes a lot of practice, so don't beat yourself up...;)

    I like the light in the background, looks like early morning!
    I also agree with JJ comments on doing a sketch before you put paint to paper and on glazing techniques.


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