Monday, March 2, 2009

Veggie-Fruit Juice

Acrylic, 8X10"

Another I was working on, just to show I do know how to paint better than that horrible wc thing I just did this afternoon.

I really need to learn how to paint glass. Anybody good at it in acrylics or oil?


  1. Hey Bruce.. You sure do have a thing for fruit hahahaha.
    You need to straighten the sides of your glassware, and work on those elcipses. Looks pretty good to me though, good for your for painting. I still haven't gotten my brushes wet today, life is just getting in the darn way. ...

  2. Life ALWAYS gets in the way of art, always.....

    When I moved North for the love of a good woman (my wife) I had to get a job and work a lot of hours until I got sick, unable to do any painting for nearly five years. It wasn't until I got sick that I was able to paint. Some tradeoff...

  3. Yeah I know Bruce, unfortunately that happens to so many people. Most of the people on Wet Canvas have illness of some kind. I would say 98% of them. Ranging from physical disabilities to mental health issues. Take heart. You were meant to slow down and paint my friend. x

  4. WOW! ....Bruce that small picture in the blog look just like a photograph! Wonderful!

  5. gee thanks Anne (blush) I am trying harder and harder things all the time these days. I am glad to see that the results are believable.

    JJ, you're too kind. I didn't know why so many of the same people were on the site so often, now I know. I guess I should have. After all, practicing art is almost a full-time endeavor.

    I like this particular pic so much and I will paint it agian in the future. Because to me, the fruit looks like it is suspended by light, since the glass is on a black background and mainly lit from one side with a tiny amount of reflection on the right side.

    I just love the starkness and drama of the pic. But first I need more experience before I tackle glass again.

  6. I forgot to add that the apple and glass were added to the original photo. I set up the galsses in front of me in the art club and then added the apple from another photo.

  7. I am glad you are going to paint this picture again, as it deserves to be. I really do like it!!!!!

    Keep this painting in your box of maybes' and you can compare it when you repaint it in a couple of months..

    Enjoy painting, that is what it is a all about. Fun!!!!!


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