Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moreton Bay Fig trunk. (plein air sketch)

I went to Minipipi Parklands this afternoon. I drew/sketched from quarter to 4pm until 1/4 to 6 pm. Not without incident either. I was accosted by a couple of weird parents, who didn't like the fact I asked the little boy 3 times not to ride his scooter in front of me when I was drawing. Long story short, I told them I was going to ring the police, they were that bad.. sigh.


  1. This is great JJ the negative drawing on the base of the tree, makes it look 3D...well done g/f

  2. nice tree! I have a sketch of a giant old fig that I did in Sicily once. it has quite a different habit.

  3. Jeesh JJ, calling the cops? Such hardness from a painter, wow, it's confirmed then, you are teh hard case of the group.

    That's what you get for sketching a whole day early on me. I am still coming to terms with it being March 1, and you're posting tomorrow. I can't get used to this.

    As to the sketch, I really like this one, it has character.

  4. Me hard, no, never. You ask Ree, I am a softy, I am a good guy. These folks nearly had me in tears to be honest, they were rude and aggressive, and I was just sitting there trying to draw the damned tree.

    Just goes to show, can't take me anywhere hey.. hahahahahahaha

    It is great being a day ahead when it comes to my Birthday.. I get 48 hours of birthday woot!!!!!!! Oh and Christmas too. Yay!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your comments guys. I really like this sketch..

  5. Greta looking tree JJ especially so when done under such stress .....

  6. Thanks Anne, you are a sweetie.


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