Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Everyone is very quiet?

So where is all your sketches and artwork peoples? All except Bruce of course who has posted a painting and a sketch this week. Can't le one man show us up girls!!


  1. It has indeed gotten very quiet. I hope you miss when I'm off for a bit. It'll be absolutly deserted if JJ and I stop harassing each other...C'mon Anne, Ree, Mimi, Colleen and Sandy. It would be nice to hear more from you....pleaaassseeee....

    Am I cramping your style ladies?

  2. Sandy is not with us right now. She has had so much trouble trying to post on the blog, it got so frustrating for her that she has retired from the group for awhile. I should take her name down, but I haven't the heart to, in case she finds out what the problem is and decides to rejoin us..

    Colleen is in Korea remember for another week for her son's wedding. That just leaves Anne Ree Mimi and You!!! hehehehehehe


    Of course I am going to miss you harrassing me er I mean um, encouraging me....... just for the very short time you are away.

  3. eeek. I'm having a tough week. working late and doing a newsletter and evening
    activities yesterday and tonight.
    and on the 2nd i am going to California for a week.
    i'll be back. But honestly, it's hard to keep up with the level of banter between JJ and Bruce. What was supposed to be a painting a day to critique, ends up being a lot of messages that I have to sort through to see whether or not there's something I have to see.
    But I'll be more active again soon.

  4. That is the idea of the group, to interact and have fun.

    Banter is good, fun is good, it keeps us fresh and alive!

  5. Yeah but I will tone it down if that is what is keeping you from participating. I know busy and having to wade through stuff you don't want to read is tiresome.

  6. Don't you dare!!!!!! I EMPHASISE THIS Banter is all good fun we can go for it, as much as we like..

    It is too easy to just skip the stuff you don't want to read, and I am all for having fun!!!!

    I meant to tell you I think Ree's computer is on the blink again.

    Well I thought I did a great thing, buying a small square round glass for a prop in my next painting for 1.00. When I get home I see it's cracked. darn. Oh well I will still use it, I just might paint the crack in too, added interest!

  7. Personally I love the banter makes me smile and laugh out loud sometimes and we all need laughter in our lives .... just sayin'


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