Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bruce you have been hanging around with JJ too much're beginning to sound like her ....just sayin'

I have been painting .....I just haven't been bothered to photograph them until I came here and listened to all the nagging ...... ROFLOLPIMP
I have painted a puffin and I am working on a portrait of my brother ....2 actually in black and white and the other in colour .... so there .....


  1. (sniff, sniffle) I wasn't naggin, I was lonely.

    So which is your brother, the bearded guy or the fellow with the orange nose?

  2. You are gonna get in trouble Bruce.................

    I really like the puffin. Are they big sellers?

    I have added an edited pic to your post. Seeing as I can't put it in here.. sigh just to show you where I think some shading should go..

  3. ok, all kiddn aside, Anne. Your brother's face needs darker darkes and brighter lights. At this point, it looks kinda flat.


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