Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toddler Hijinx

My next portrait project for later. A whimsical shot I took one day after I pulled the boys' shirts up over the back of their heads.

They love this and run all over the house screaming and giggling. My source pic is blurry but I have pleanty other shots of the faces. It is just too much fun to ignore.

I will eventually do a group shot with me and my dad, if I survive the surgery next week.


  1. I am praying for you, and sending you all the healing vibes I can muster. I am totally confident you will survive, you are not getting out of raising those beautiful little boys that easily! Be strong my friend, have faith, please!

  2. I do have faith, I was just in a crappy mood when I wrote that, sorry.

    What do you think of teh pic idea?

  3. Are you guys still sleeping? hehehe

    I have a friend who says the only was to copy a photo is to use a fancy projector that projects the pic onto your canvas and then you trace the outlines.

    My question is, and I'd never uses it btw, isn't that cheating? Isn't art about observing and copying what you see? Isn't the degree to which you pull it off is a sign of how good you are?

    It just strikes me as a cheesy way to be an artist. What say you?

  4. Don't be sorry. You are going to have to put up with me when I eventually have my dreaded knee replacement operation. To say I am apprehensive is an understatement, which is why I keep putting it off. You are so lucky you have your wife, let me tell you it is very hard going through major surgery without a support team..;-)

    Your picture is just too sweet!!! I like the idea very much. Were they pulling funny faces? I think this will make an adorable painting, a legacy for the boys! I would like to see the photo please.

    Now I have a projector here. it isn't easy to use one, you have to be in a dim room for a start. I draw my picture onto printer paper, or cardboard. Then I put it into the projector and trace it. That is not cheating, that is tracing my own drawing. The size of the picture you put into the projector is small about 4" x 5" or something like that, I haven't used the projector since I painted the racing car. I drew the picture on cardboard I got from the newsagent. I scanned it into my computer, and printed it the required size for the projector. I enhanced the lines of the drawing with my contrast first. I did put a photo into the projector to see how it would look, and quite honestly, I can't see how anyone could trace from a photo. It is not at all clear, the whole thing was fuzzy, and with my eye, cataracts and all, there would be no way that would work for me anyway. Plus as we know, most times the perspective is off in photo's as the camera can't correct that, you need to ask a proper photographer about that, ask ej maybe.

    Projectors are not cheap.

    Cheating? Well that is a personal thing, who are you cheating? I think you are cheating yourself personally if you don't learn to draw, and always trace. I know that all the members of this blog can draw, I don't know how many of them trace?

    When I first joined the watercolour forum, everyone was all for tracing. Now I could draw had done all my life, so I thought why not, I know3 I can draw it, so why not just speed things up and trace it. My work deteriorated. I traced for 12 months and then said no more. When I went back to drawing I found it difficult at first, but I soon was back in the groove.

    Using the grid method is NOT cheating. That is a very useful tool. But as I said it is all personal choices, what you feel comfortable with. I don't feel it is my own work if I trace. If I draw my painting out freehand, I feel proud.

    This is a good topic for discussion. I think I will start it..

  5. Oh and I did sleep in again this morning. I am having a bad week.. Sleep wise.

  6. Sounds like a fun portrait Mackb and your kids do sound like they have the time of their lives with their loving dad!

  7. Daddy spends much of his time and enrgy tickling them adn makeing them laugh. Their laughter is my favorite music. I wanted to get this one finished before my operation, just in case....Just sayin...

  8. Shakin' my head.

    So have you started?

  9. Started the painting? Yes, 75% done.


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