Friday, February 6, 2009

Today I painted .....

I went to my new art group today and had a great time. I felt young for a start as they were all older than me ....
I painted another Dunluce Castle ....I have to keep trying to get it right!! It's slightly bigger at 8" X 10" acrylic on board.
For a start I see that I need to change the horizon line as it doesn't look right at the same height as the top of the castle .....
Fire away!


  1. depth, shadows, even mud. It's kind of cool Yeah that horizon line was bugging me when I painted it too (I actually moved it twice.

  2. That is a good lesson in, yes, you can reorganise the reference photo to suit your needs, and yes that horizon line is too high. Don't lower it too much, or you will have it cutting the picture in half.

    I like the variations you have in the hillside now.

    Just one thing. You have to decide on a light source. The photo you took was on a dull day, so no shadows to help you. I made the light come from the right when I painted it, and put in corresponding shadows on the left of the castle. That meant that I had the light hitting the bottom of the hill on the right. Go back and look at my painting if you wish, save it to your computer if you like too. It is no more that painting, I gesso'd over it lol.

    Looking at your painting again, it looks like you have the light coming from the lower left. If this is the case then brighten up the left hand side of the structures, and add some highlights to the edge of the hill on the right.

    I think this is a great effort, and I can see you are listening now, and trying to improve. Keep it up, don't get despondent, you will find in 6 months time, your artwork has reached new heights if you keep listening and implementing what you learn from us into your work. I am proud of you Anne.

  3. This is coming along great Anne!!

    Great build up of texture on the grasses.
    The rocks on the shore line are terrific...well done! You ROCK Anne!! Pun intended! LOL

    Glad you are enjoying your new art class Anne. Your will learn more with hands on experience then trying to read from a book etc. and it's fun to interact with others as well

  4. Most of the art group are a bit posh but still lovely people ..... My friend and I feel we will fit in well even though we could never be posh! ....LOL...thanks for the comments and advice....

  5. I showed Tania your castle, and she "really really likes that castle" Quote - Unquote. :-))


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