Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Hand

This is a quick sketch of my hand I have just drawn, while talking to Maree on the phone ;-) She is drawing her sketch now too. Colleen sketched my shoe while she was here yesterday, I will get onto to her to post it too. ;-) Look out Colleen lol..


  1. That's terrific JJ ....well done!!

    Now... add some values!!!!!...hehehe!!!

  2. I just did as a matter of fact. It now looks 3D

  3. ok, so how do you draw a hand while you are on the phone? headset?

    nice hand!

  4. Speaker phone. I cannot talk on the phone if I have to sit still with that thing jammed up to my ear lol. So I use the speaker phone function, and it is like having Ree in the room, only I can't see her..;-)

    Thank you by the way. I am lucky, I have long fingers.. Makes it easier to draw.. I enjoyed that too.


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