Friday, February 6, 2009

My hand and my fingers ....well why not?

I did these quickly last night just in case JJ shouted at me because I was not sketching all know what she's like ....a real hard taskmaster!!


  1. Yes ma'am I am, and it is good to see you drawing!!

    I am proud of you for doing this.

    Now I want to to draw one small thing from around your house every day. Go buy yourself a small sketchbook, please, and record your drawings in that, dating each one.. You will be surprised how much you will notice the changes, each day, how much more confident in your skill you feel, how much better each drawing will look to you.

    So! When you go for a drive to pick up the girls, go earlier and get that sketchbook!!! xx

  2. .....but .....but ..... it will be dark then JJ .......

  3. Anne, do you have a candle? Light it.
    the next thing you draw, try putting it next to a light source, and drawing in the shadows with pencil hatch marks.

    The first hand you show is pretty good. The second, all you did was outline, and you need to fill that in a bit to make them appear more 3 dimensional.

  4. Thanks Mimi ....that's a very good idea!

  5. Great idea Mimi. That is a neat exercise we should all try.. Thanks..


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