Saturday, February 21, 2009

Knock Knock

Hello ladies, my name is Bruce MacKinnon, or Mackb on all my forum sites.

I have been invited by JJ to join your esteemed group of happy painters. I feel like I have joined the infamous "Group of Seven" painters of the early 20th century in Canada.

I hope I don't cramp your style. I was looking at all your posts, well some of them anyway, and I didn't see any cat fights or foul language, so I think I can fit in. But I feel like a puppy dog in a house full of felines, so put away your claws.

I have been painting for 10 years off and on, mostly off, once I moved to Timminsin 200 to get married and to get a new career in journalism after painting houses for 25 years. I have a damaged heart from a virus that hit me a decade ago, and was put out to pasture in 2004. So I am now Mr. Mom, taking care of my two little boys and the house while my wife Carol works full time as the administrator of a retirement home.

I started off in oils but now am in acrylics since Sept of 08. I am still learning so I hope I don't embarras you or me. I noticed a few of you use knives to paint which is my preferred way to paint, so I wil be following you all with interest.

Thank you for allowing me to join you.



  1. Hi MACKB (Bruce) WELCOME!! I am the slack one of this group, but as JJ says "no pressure"! I do try to drop in from time to, see you around!!
    Cheers Sandy

  2. Me again! I intended to comment on your creative approach to your that closeup of the ants!
    Looking forward to seeing more.

  3. Hey Bruce. Good to have a male among us to keep us honest. You know Anne, (mooz) already. She is from Ireland, Sandy and Ree are from Australia, down the south end of the country, and Mimi lives in the USA.

    Enjoy your time here, it is all about having fun, and definitely no pressure. We do have challenges and suggestions, and any member can make a suggestion, or post a challenge. This is a group effort, no bosses. The one one that is important to do, however, is the Weekly challenge. Colleen put this weeks reference up, Anne has painted it already. Mine is half done, Colleen has made a start on hers I know, Sandy may have, but she is busy with lifes issues at present, and like we said, no pressure. Ree's computer has died, so I will welcome you on her behalf. She hopes to have it in the shop, and back on her desk next week. She didn't print pout the reference picture, so I don't know if she is painting or not.

    Good luck with the ants in your art societies competition.

    Somewhere among the posts, we all posted a picture of ourselves and a little blurb about ourselves. You will have to dredge back into the older posts if you want to read them.


  4. Welcome Bruce!....WOW! lovely to have a man about the blog!
    I haven't seen any claws here ......yet!
    What an original idea for a painting .... the ants look gorgeous and I never thought I would say that ....I hate ants ..... Last summer I even had the odd one sneaking into my house!!

  5. You have to let us know what you want. I look forward to seeing what else you paint. Where in Canada are you?

  6. Hello ladies, thank you for allowing me into your little society....I am thrilled to be joining a dedicated group of painters. I just hope I don't offend anyone, you know how it is, a male mentality in a room full of nice ladies. My wife says she can't take me out in public soemtimes. Married nine years and still not refined, but she is working hard on But I never intend to offend, sometimes I just say what's on my mind, which isn't always good. I'm doing it now aren't I? lol

    I live in Timmins, Northern Ontario,Canada, an 8 hour drive north from Toronto and 400 km south of James Bay and the bottom of Hudson's Bay. We are at the bottom of the funnel of cold air in the winter. I hide in the basement or at the art club a lot, especially this winter.

    I'm gald you liked my ants. It was posted on WC and was a big hit there. I hope it's as big a hit here in Timmins. And no, I don't like ants either, but it was what popped into my head as I worked on this painting. I like humour always.

  7. So what I want to know is why people live in the artic tunnel funnel. Sounds really bleak and cold.
    And don't be so sure you're in a room full of "nice" (cough) ladies.

  8. Bruce quit worrying, I was born with my foot in my mouth!!! I blush a lot, as I am taking it out again.

    Get painting man!! ;-)) (and drawing)

  9. Bruce don't worry about offending us when you talk about our paintings ....we need an honest critique..... that is the way we learn.

  10. Thank you again so lets get dowmn to work. First I have to figure out how to navigate this site and I wll endeavor to commemnt when I can.

    I notice that the clock on the site seems to be set in ther land of Auz, so you post in the day and I am the night time posting fairy...not that kind of fairy ladies, I'm a beautiful girl...

    see what I mean about hoof in mouth habit????


  11. I get a kick out of the fact that we do our best work while they sleep and vice versa. the only time I don't like it is when it's Friday here and they're already enjoying their saturday!

  12. Aaaaaaaaaaw sorry about the clock guys. I guess you have to have the world clock up to decipher hey..;)

    Bruce you are a riot, you are going to fit right in. I am going to look for my tomatoes I painted for you...


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