Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekly Painting Challenge

Dunluce castle—‘Dunluce’ meaning ‘strong fort’—rests on the edge of the clifftops between Bushmills and Portrush.
Originally built by the Normans in the twelfth century, Shane O’Neill’s army successfully besieged the castle in 1556, attacking from the land behind as it was impossible to scale the sheer sea walls. Underneath the fortification, a sea cave could hide several boats for a quick escape to Rathlin Island or Scotland.
Some of the walls of the castle have collapsed into the sea, and it has recently been discovered that the 30m high cliffs holding the foundations are starting to erode. Nevertheless, the roofless ruins of Dunluce castle on the north Antrim coast remain quite breathtaking.


  1. If anyone wants a higher resolution photograph I will post it ....just let me know ......

  2. Now that is a challenge woot!!! I am landscape challenged lol This will test me for sure. Watch me mess I mean paint this little beauty :-)))

  3. oh that's pretty. I'll try it tomorrow. No painting today

  4. Nice challenge Anne, with all that emerald green...I love green, I love green...just trying to psych myself up to paint green...;)


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