Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A knife painting that didn't go quite as planned......

Bonamargy Friary .....I did this one last night but it looks dirty and dingy .....so I will strive to do better in the next one ...... or maybe even have a go at fixing this one ......


  1. It doesn't look dingy to me, the colors are pleasant, but what are those white things?
    I don't know how to paint with a knife, sounds scary!

  2. What is your observation, Anne?
    Where do you think you can improve the painting?

    I believe they are head/tombstones Mimi

  3. Anne, knife painting suits you!! You have good texture here, and nice strokes. When it is dry, put some shadows under the rocks and tomb stones?

    I really like this, it is one of your best you know. What did you paint it on? What size is it? I do like that background hill, a little bs in it would have been nice too.

  4. JJ it is about 6" X 12" and is acrylic on board. What is a little bs?!! ....confused in Ireland!!!

  5. lol bs is burnt sienna what did you think it was????? No, don't tell me I can guess..;-))


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