Monday, January 26, 2009

He would not stand still .....

I tried and I tried to get a man to pose for me so that I could paint him but the men around North Antrim are all very shy you know. I even tried to get my hubby to do it but he wasn't in the slightest bit interested.. I mean I only wanted a five minute pose for goodness sake....... I've seen what some folks do with a five minute pose! Then eventually this big burly guy offered to do it and I was scared to say no to him ....well would you say no to him? Anyway the problem was he wouldn't stay still ....that explains why his right side doesn't quite match his left side and goodness knows what else you can see wrong with him .... So after a 48 hour pose this is what I ended up with ..... I mean I did let him have a few breaks for tea and buns and the odd nap .....thank goodness I was paying him for the pose and not by the hour!
OK so I'm kiddin' but I needed some sort of excuse for my bad painting ....I did this from a pic of the anatomy of a man that I found on the internet ..... I enjoyed doing it though and if I learned anything it was that it is extremely difficult to paint a figure ..... I still need to find a man brave enough to pose for me though where did my hubby go ....I'm sure I heard him a minute ago .....


  1. Anne, this is a good attempt, and that you see what is wrong with the painting is also a good thing.

    He has nice tight little buns, I like that in a man..;-)) I like my men lean, though, so his muscular physic does nothing for me. :-D

    Why don't you practice drawing your reference image in your sketch book. You do have a sketch book, right?. Draw it as a complete drawing, not as a sketch. I suggest this to my students, this way they become familiar with their subject before they paint it, and they can iron out, so to speak, all the problem areas, they might have. You do this, pre painting, for every painting you paint, and you will immediately notice an upgrade in your skills. I also write my colour swatches and other notes in my sketchbook next to my drawing for future reference. You will paint that subject again. so you have notes to go back and read.

  2. Ok Anne, I agree with your observation, so, can you see what else needs correcting??

  3. Well for a start his muscles do not match and I need to work more on my values ....I need more darks and more lights....he looks a bit fuzzy at the moment.....

  4. I love how the light works in this painting. Is he cold? How did you get a random guy to pose for you? I am most curious. I paid for a sitting session to get my guy.


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