Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 hour pose nude

This guy was SO SO pale, and the room was so cold that they had a heater on for him. I added A LOT of color to his skin, but he still looks washed out. I asked the lady in charge if we could ever have a model who was a person of color. No offense, but this boy didn't even have HAIR! What is with this generation that doesn't even like hair??
Okay, I put a little more paint down. I think it looks better.


  1. I'm trying to say i gave him a lot more color than he actually had.

  2. Nice work on this Mimi
    He looks to be the 'feminine' type, so he probably wouldn't have much body hair anyway...;)

  3. LOL I meant on the TOP of his head. But you're right, he was pretty hairless.

  4. Pretty good Mimi. I went to life drawing classes a couple of years ago, and it is NOT easy but it is a lot of fun!! I wish the classes were not so far away, as I would love to go again.

  5. You have certainly captured the "I'm cool" look of a young man Mimi ....well done ....


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