Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Challenge!

I say we should draw one drawing a week. Whatever we like from inside our homes. It can be anything at all, a chair, the toilet if you wish, any item you have sitting on a shelf, crockery, cutlery, fabric, food. The supply is endless, your immagination is at your fingertips.
It will be great practice, increase our drawing skills, and we might even enjoy it. We could even be inspired into making paintings from our sketches. Who knows.

What say you?

We post our drawings at the end of the week, saw Friday. O.k.


  1. Another challenge JJ!!
    When will we get time to eat and sleep???!!!! ;)))
    Somehow, I don't think I will be drawing the loo! LOL

  2. Plenty of time for sleeping and eating. You have painted your tree already. It is your choice if you paint a painting a day, no one is making you. ;-) It is also your choice if you want to do a drawing a week or not. (I could have said a day you know, which would be more beneficial)

    You know the adage, you only get out of something what you are willing to put into it.

    My job is just to give suggestions, you job is to accept the challenge or not.

    Now don't you wish you hadn't asked about sleeping and eating. You know I write a book! :-)))

  3. Sounds great JJ ...... count me in!

  4. i can do this, i think. starting next week?
    are we getting a new painting assignment too?

  5. I am in too JJ I will keep my sketch book handy. Just gotta' do some more arting...somehow!!

  6. Wonderful guys. I knew you would!!

    Yes we are still doing the painting a week Challenge. It is Anne's turn to pick the reference photo, I will remind her..:-))


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