Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been trying to do this lassie's back using paynes grey and white to help me work on my values a bit.........still working on it ......
Oil on board.


  1. This is beginning to work re the tones although you have a way to go yet....using oils you should be working from your darkest tones and the lightest are added last.
    The proportions worry me a bit.
    The torso looks too short and as a result the arm looks short too.
    Using the head as a measure there should be at least two heads from shoulders to the waist
    Have you got any information on figure a book from the library OR Google "Figure drawing"?

  2. Thanks Sandy .... I will have a search on google .....

  3. Hi Anne. I was always taught, there are 8 heads in a body, that is from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.

    Sandy is right about the dark to light and it is the same for acrylics. I usually paint a grisaille layer first in my oils, and more often than not I love it and hate to add colour, but of course that is the point.

    How do you like the oils compared to the acrylics?

    Remember to use strokes not dibs and dabs. A soft brush, rather than those cheap had bristle brushes works very well.

    Check out this link below to show you what Sandy was talking about.

    If I was painting this, I would have painted her black to start with, and then added form with my white. I would have also let the black layer dry for a couple of days or so before moving on. Painting wet in wet with oils and acrylics for that matter takes skill. You have to have patience, start at the beginning and move forward slowly, after you have mastered each step. :-))

  4. Good for you Anne in getting practice with values...I think we all could do with some practice too. I don't know much about oils so I can't really give you any advice, only to say keep trying and you'll get there ;)


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