Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It was pretty hot here today...about 42 deg. Missy(dog) Hazel(kitty)and I stayed indoors.While they both totally relaxed, I 'cooled off' with the snow scene!
I took some artistic license and simplified the tree area. Also changed the mood to more of a night scene.Oh! I also gessoed the surface and combed into the damp gesso to create some texture.
It was a very pleasant way to spend an extremely hot afternoon.
Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas.
Size:25cm x 20cm
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  1. Sandy, it very hot here today for the Blue Mountains 19 - 33 with high humidity! 42 wow...ouch... that is hot!!!!!
    A nice snow scene Sandy, like the texture. I'm bothered by the tone of the sky though, maybe a little too dark IMO

  2. Sandy this is great. I am still working on mine. I think I might have liked to see some wispy branches in there myself.

    It was only 28deg here I had all the doors and windows open.

  3. Really lovely Sandy ....I will be embarrassed showing mine after this!

  4. Don't ever feel embarrassed Anne...we are all learning all the time... and you are with others who are with you on the journey.


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