Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello Everyone

Hi! My name is Linn (Linda). I have known JJ for years and she invited me to join your group. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and have been experimenting and trying to teach myself art for a little over 10 years. I started out with Bob Ross...I walked in an art store and said I want to paint...they asked me what type of art, etc and I said I don't know I never painted before so they sold me a Bob Ross kit and that is where I started out and after about a year I got bored with that and decided I wanted to try more so now I experiment with everything. Thank you everyone for accepting me into your group. I am looking very forward to joining in and getting to know everyone.


  1. Great to have you here. We are a pretty laid back group, and we do have fun.

  2. Hi Linn and welcome ..... I hope you enjoy the blog ....of course if you have known JJ for a while then you will know exactly what she is like!!

  3. Thanks everyone. JJ is actually the one that encouraged me to join WC and helped me find my way around in there. I couldn't find anything at first. Now I spend all of my time there...the only forum I stay involved with now.

    I'm happy to be a member of this blog...I really need something to make me at least sketch everyday and I really do need drawing skills.

  4. G'day Linn and welcome!

    We have a lot of fun drawing, painting and laughing, so I'm sure you will love it, too! ;)


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