Saturday, August 1, 2009

In my garden ....

In my garden I often see a robin .... this isn't the one I see but it is similar....well it was raining today and I couldn't get out into the garden .....


  1. That's what a robin looks like? I have tiny little red-breasted wren males who look like this too!!! He's very cute. Assuming this is Pastel and so impressed with what you are doing with it, I'm getting the dust over my high values and making a mess.

    .....ccccchehehehehppp...cheeehsheppppp...looking for his matey

  2. Your robin is adorable! It's amazing on where you live the robins look different...I see you are from Ireland so I guess your robins resemble the pictures of the ones I've seen in England. Ours are very much different...not as pretty.

  3. Anne this is wonderful. He is well drawn..

    A reminder, post your picture size and your medium ladies when posting your pictures please.. :)

  4. Thanks folks..... yes it is pastel pencil about 5" X 5"

  5. Another cute pastel drawing, Anne! Well done!


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