Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Reece and Elise's Hats

Both these were drawn in the kids respective sketchbooks.

Elise tore her paper somehow, and it wasn't from erasing, as she doesn't get to use a rubber. I am not sure what she did. Pity, but it is still a neat drawing.

Reece's is really quite good. He drew it in his Monte Marte A4 sketchbook, with a 2B graphite pencil. He doesn't do a lot of life drawing, and I am really pleased that he drew what he saw. The only life drawing he does, pretty much, is with me. He does draw a lot from a learning to draw book I gave him for Christmas last year.


  1. Well done Reece and Elsie ....you have both done beautiful hat drawings ...... I am impressed!!

  2. Wow. They both did quite well! Love the shadows. :)

  3. Lovely work Reece and Elise...you are both very good at drawing!!


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