Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Wow. The key was kinda hard. I spent a long time on it, and hope I got the shadows a bit better. Not that it's the best key ever, but it's not the worst I've ever drawn, either. lol


  1. Nice one Charity .....you did well .....

  2. Charity you did very well. You have foreshortened your key, and it looks great. You have the right idea about your shadows, now just vary the depth more. Really dark against the base.

    You are doing well..

  3. Thanks, Anne. :)

    Thanks, JJ. I made the light box last night, so I could play with shadows, and this is what came of it. lol I'll work on my shadows a bit more on future things. :D

  4. It takes practice is all. I had Ken in the D&S Forum repeatedly tell me, until I got it right :)

    Good for you making the light box! I love mine.

  5. I love this blog, by the way. It's not only a great idea, but definately gives quite a bit of practice. :) Thanks again for the invite!

  6. You're doing very well, Charity! ;)
    Well done on the foreshortening, not easy to do!
    Looks very 3D, nice.


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