Saturday, June 27, 2009


Of course if you have show all images activated, you will already know I drew an egg. Years ago I went back to high school as an adult student. Art was one of the subjects I took.
For 12 months all we did was draw eggs. We drew dot eggs, cross hatched eggs, plain eggs white eggs, brown eggs, you name it it was an egg.. I had a portfolio full of eggs. I hated eggs and never drew another one for many many years. I have drawn very few eggs since then actually, so tonight I looked in the fridge, and the eggs jumped out at me. :D

I drew this in the first page of my brand new 50 page sketch book.. A4 - Graphite..

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  1. An egg, JJ!! LOL I thought you would have had enough of drawing eggs the tones! Actually it looks like the 'golden egg';)


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