Saturday, June 27, 2009

If this fork looks stressed out ......

If my fork looks stressed out ...... then it is ...... because I was stressed out while I was drawing it! That husband of mine was up on a ladder at the top of the house trying to fix a cracked slate or something ..... sounds simple enough but with the shape of our house he needed 2 ladders ..... He had one tied to the other and the top one hooked over the top of the roof. As "extra security" he had a rope tied to the top ladder, then coming down over the other side of the house and tied to a tree ..... why do some men like to live dangerously ....I thought I was going to have a heart attack .... that's the explanation for the stressed looking fork!! LOL


  1. Totally insane. Santa Claus needs to bring him a "Little Giant" ladder, simply the best. Google it, worth the money when you have an adventuresome husband. Did he get the fix?

    Your fork looks good but I think you came up too fast on the positive shape values to make that deep shadow curve believable. I know it is that curved, but the positive shape doesn't show it.

    I love all this drawing you are doing. I am drawing too, find all kinds of good stuff to watch on YouTube--I'm making faces; it's all I'm interested in and since I am the boss of me.....

  2. I LIKE your Husband, a man after my own heart. Just the set up I would have done, you ask Ree rotflol..

    I really like your fork Anne, you did good under pressure!

    If Andy is talking about the curve of the "bowl" of the fork, then yes, it is a little too sharp.

    You did better than I with your handle shadow..

  3. Oh, and Andy, you can post your faces anytime you like. :)

  4. WOW! Anne...I like your values and it looks like a shiny metal fork too! Well done Anne! ;)

    HAHAHA! Love the rope tied to the that an Irish thingy?! LOL


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