Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drawing- Day 5 Shower head

Drawn in my 6"x8" sketchbook, and man was it cool in my bathroom. I didn't have the heat on, still haven't, and my hands are cold now.

This one was a challenge, as I couldn't use my close-up glasses. I sat on the cane elephant I have in the bathroom, put my feet on the upside down cane laundry basket, sat my sketch book on my stable table tray. If I put my close-up glasses on, I couldn't see the shower head, it was blurry, if I put my regular graduated glasses on I had trouble seeing the sketch book. Still I persevered, and here it is. I kind of enjoyed drawing this actually, as I have been wanting to, for some time. I want to paint it in watercolours some time too..


  1. Nice detail on the shower head assembly. I like the shadow, well done.

  2. Very good JJ! I like the soft shadow on the tiles and the grouting showing through it...nice touch!
    The highlights are good also...well done, JJ!!

  3. Really nice JJ .... I can't believe you folks in Australia are complaining of the cold!!

  4. Ree is complaining not me. :-) I love the cold.


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