Tuesday, June 16, 2009

STILL LIFE Challenge Finished..

This picture gave me fits. It was hard work painting, it, but I persevered and finished it. I think?

Bruce, you can put up the next challenge now please.. :-))


  1. WOW! Again JJ, your on a roll today!! Hehe!
    One thing that bothers me, just a little, lol, there aren't any h/lights on the tea strainer, oh, and also on the teapot lid...;) Love the book, teapot and teabag...well done and well worth wait!! ;)

  2. Well JJ ......I am impressed .....and a little guilty because I have not had time to do this one ....but well done you!

  3. Good entry JJ, but I have a few nits for you. The bg is too close in value to the rest of the painting adn so everything kinda fades into it.

    The book is too tilted and the tea striner looks like its bent forward. It isn't on the same plane as the book.

    And the reflection in the tea pot is too straight which clashes with the roundness of the pot.


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