Thursday, May 28, 2009

On the Lookout. (Ree's scratchart challenge)

This is painted on 8"x12" mat-board. I had so much fun, I laughed all the way through the scratching. Ree will testify to that she was on the phone to me while I was doing it.

The laying of the colour was easy enough, but laying the black on top was hard work, but really worth it. I love these guys, and they look so neat in a frame..


  1. They sure do look neat in a frame JJ ....well done I really have to post mine?

  2. Thank you Anne, and yes you do!!!!! :D

  3. Love your quirky frogs, especially the one with the lippy on!! LOL

  4. I think I`ve seen those frogs somewhere els...hmmmm...

    Sorry JJ I didn`t do one, I don`t have any pastels in my lot of art supplies.

  5. hehehehehe, you have?? :-)))

    Go buy some oil pastels, they are not expensive, I used Faber Castle. This was so much fun, and had given me some ideas' for other works. Stretch yourself. Get your boys in on it too. This is something they can do. A family art session.. :-))

  6. I guess the lession is, go get new tools for the cahllange `casue the girls do. I am properly chagrined and shall go find some.


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