Thursday, May 28, 2009

It''s ..... it's a cat ....yes that's what it is ....a startled cat .....

This is my fourth attempt at this kind of art ....I really enjoyed trying this out and while I was doing them all I thought they would look ok .....but they ended up not looking ok at all ..... maybe if I practice a bit more..... I did find it very relaxing ....
Thank you Ree for the excellent challenge ...... lucky I had some oil pastels here .....
3" X 4"


  1. I forgot to say that I didn't have construction paper ....I don't even know what that is so I used acrylic paper ..... that would explain why it is rubbish .....right?

  2. Anne this absolutely gorgeous. I love your cat, and those eyes!! She looks like she is on heat with her butt up ;-))))) Seriously I do really really love your painting! Are you going to show us other ones?

    I don't think I would have used paper myself, I wouldn't think it would be too strong when scratching out.. If you have some matboard there, give it a try, I loved working on that. I will be making more. I have another frame, the same as the one the frogs are in, so I will make a companion piece, when I have finished the yacht painting. Oh and I have a tool, that Tania gave me a long time ago, she used to use for ceramics. That is what I scratched mine out with..

  3. "Kat in heat" ..... that's what I should have called it!! ROFLOLPIMP
    Am I showing the others? NO WAY!!!!!

  4. Your welcome Anne, so glad you had fun with it!
    I think he/she is wonderful! Those little bits of yellow that are reflecting in the background, remind me of a wet street like you see in the movies and the cat is startled by a car coming along the street!! See your painting tells a story Anne!! Well done!!

  5. I love the eyes on this feline, kinda looks like he stepped on a nail or he felt your nail going around him. Don;t complain, you at least did the challenge, unlike your`s truely.


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