Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's drawing

My first time using compressed charcoal .... so I drew my camera .... about 3" X 4"


  1. How did you find the charcoal?? Was it a stick, like the pastel sticks? I have some here, I haven't used yet, I jus tmight do my drawing tonight with it, and or my charcoal pencil.

    First impressions I thought the perspective is off a little. But seeing it is 5.00am and I haven't had a coffee yet, I could be wrong. :)

    I like that shadow, I see values in it Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What do you think of the charcoal? I used it for the first and last time a few weeks ago. Bleugh. It gets too dark, I can't control the values. You did a good job with it thoughl

  3. Nice camera, Anne. You did a ton better than I could have. Did you put the charcoal down first then lift the lights with an eraser? Or did you work like it was a pencil? Just curious. :D

  4. Great the different values.

  5. Thanks Girls
    Fookie ....I used charcoal once years ago ended up a black dirty mess.... this time it was more luck than anything ....I did this one very quickly ....
    Charity ....I used it like a pencil and then tried to lift out a few highlights at the end .....


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