Sunday, August 9, 2009

My painting Sketch and reshoot of Pastel Plant

here's the plant redo. It isn't over until/unless it leaves the house so I may add more depth in the future.

Then my painting, which is just a sketch looking to make a larger painting with more staffing. I have such trouble with perspective so that's why I did this. I can't say that I learned a thing with this exercise so I think I really did it just to wet the brushes. Didn't take care with the palette either. Me bad. Comment if you choose to, because I will be interested.


  1. The plant looks like you've already added a bit of depth to it.

    The painting...well, I'm sure I've already told you that I love your paintings, right? I like this, although I'd love to see something behind a wall or something.

  2. Charity, thanks. Yes, I added some depth but once I see in on screen it needs more. I love drawing plants, just the green, definitely not flowers.

    Yes, this Rag Seller is just a study, I probably mislabeled him. He will have another person in there too. Right now I am working on a separate study of the rags in his hand, to put pattern in there. This is the part I enjoy--i'll get it good and then I'll probably trace it in position.

    I have to work out a palette too. Do you build scenes in this manner?

  3. Your plant does have more depth but I love your man with the rags...beautiful!!

  4. I love the rag seller!!!!!! Can't wait to see more!!

    I am glad you said you would add yet more darks to your plant..

  5. Fookie ....these are both beautiful ....I love that man although he kinda looks like he is about to fall over or go up on to his tiptoes ... the plant looks so real I could reach out and touch it!


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