Thursday, August 13, 2009

It sold today ....

Some of you may remember this painting that I posted in the blog a while back sold today ...someone bought it as a wedding present for a friend ..... and the shop owners wouldn't take any commission for it as it was religious (they would be a very religious couple)....they said I could put a little something into one of the charity boxes ....


  1. Geez, some reason I thought this post was from JJ and the drawing was hers. I thought "wow! JJ got a different style awfully quick" :)

    Congrats on the sale, this is an excellent piece. Has lots of mood and appeal. Like the old man praying over his bowl of porriage of years ago. This one has universal appeal. You still have the copyright yes, because it's a markeable piece.

  2. Congratulations! I agree with Fookie it is an excellent piece!

  3. Congratulations, Anne!! That's a beautiful piece.

  4. Well done, Anne! It's great that you can sell your art locally ;)


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