Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I sold a painting at the Royal Queensland Show Exhibition.

I entered three paintings into the "Ekka" The show runs until next Saturday. I went in to look at the artwork today, and discovered this painting had sold. The other two paintings I entered are Golden Girl, My Sunflower, and Flying, the yacht painting with the coloured spinnakers. This one that sold, was Emotions II Acrylic on canvas. 24"x24"

There had to have been in an excess of 1000 paintings in there. In the watercolour section, first prize was won by a varnished watercolour glued to a black canvas. It was of a varigated leafy plant. Name escapes me at present.

Another first prize in the open section, was another varnished watercolour.

A charcoal, with yellow cp of a Grader, one the drawing section.

I can't remember what won the acrylics now.


  1. I am astounded. Dumbstruck. That is HUGE!

    Would you say what went on in your head to make this painting?

    Be sure to ask for the name of the buyer, so you can him and his city to your "collections" data.

  2. Wow! Congratulations, JJ!!!! I'm so happy for you!!

  3. A huge congratulations JJ!!

    I'm with Fookie on what was in your head when you painted this one. I didn't know you had a creative imagination like that to paint an abstract like this.

    You know you are in trouble now for this weeks Painting Challenge...anxious to see what you do with colors...lol

  4. I was feeling very hurt when I painted this painting. I painted two of them actually, I actually entered the other one into the show, but it was declined because it was over size. The wanted portrait mode only not landscape.

    I would have to be feeling extremely emotional to paint something like this again.

  5. But what were you thinking? What is the significance of this shape? what does it mean?

  6. You really want to know, don't you.

    Someone broke my heart. I was thinking pain, raw and unadulterated pain. My heart was bleeding, and it will never ever be the same again.

    I poured all those feelings out onto the canvas, and this is the result.

    The shape? He punched a hole in my heart, my soul and it is bleeding. Eternally. I will never be the same.

  7. Gosh JJ...I feel like crying for you. I hate to think you are ever hurt like that by someone. You are such a good person. Love you!

  8. OM!! stunned!! Don't tell the new owner that story, OK? This is the right thing to do, JJ. Remember last year when Linda Carter-Holman told me "paint out your pain". That's what you did, you resolved it and seeing it in person really touched someone deep in their heart. A really successful painting all the way around. I'm astounded!!! at your interpretation. GAD!!!

  9. Don't cry for me Linda, it is past. We all have our ups and downs, we all get hurt from time to time. At least I know I am alive. That lesson taught me that I am alive and I do have a heart, even if part of it is shut off now. Who knows, it may re-awaken again one day. I never expected it to that time. Life's lessons, they help us to grow, make us wiser. I do not have any regrets.

    Fookie you asked. I hesitated about telling you, but when I started it, seemed the right thing to do.

  10. Why are you trying to protect me? Send money! Of course I wanted to know. It's not news to me, but that you so correctly translated pain to paint is astounding!! Impressive!!

  11. I had to look at it for a long time before I realised it was a broken heart but once I guessed that it seemed to be obvious ....
    Well done JJ ....it was meant to sell ....now that broken heart is gone and it is onwards and upwards for you!! XX

  12. Anne is just SO much more visual than I am. I did not see the heart, that's why I kept asking.

  13. Fookie I couldn't make out what it was first time and second time even ..... it took me a while too ....


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