Thursday, July 16, 2009

Toilet related thing

So, I had to send hubby to the store since we were out of toilet paper. I figured that you all drew most of the stuff I had and I wasn't about to draw the nasty plunger we have, so I'd draw what was LEFT of the toilet paper. :) Well, here it is...all that's left. lol It's really fuzzy, and yes, the top was misshapen like that. My photo wasn't that great, but it's a photo. :) lol


  1. Good for you Charity!!!!! At least you drew it. :) I was so hoping you weren't going to draw a poop, rotflolpmp... It was tempting though, really it was...

  2. Yeah right JJ, as if....! LOL

    Hmm...I think, I can almost see that it's a kinda long cylinder and it's round at the top and bottom...yep, it's definitely a loo roll centre-cardboard-thingamajig!!! LOL

  3. ....I hate it when the toilet roll runs out!!!!! eek!!!
    Well done Charity looks so real .....

  4. I was going to draw the plunger, but it was too big to fit in my light box, so I was thinking poo...but when I sat down to draw some, just stunk too bad. hehe

    You're too darn funny, Ree! lol

    Thanks Anne. I do too. Especially when I happen to be the ONLY person in the house who notices the worst possible moment, of course. haha


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