Thursday, July 16, 2009

That Makes Me Second......

....right? lol Ok, so I spent waaaay too long on this. And the banana changed a couple of times (it tasted really good though). I actually got it all to fit into my small light box, but because the banana was too much to resist, I had to finish the picture (mainly the folds) from a ref pic. This was a ton of fun! :D


  1. Charity, drawing with coloured pencils is a long slow process. You have done well.

  2. Thanks, Colleen. If the banana hadn't looked so good, it would have turned out better. :)

  3. Charity, this is terrific!!!!!!! You sure did a wonderful job with your coloured pencils. I am impressed!!!!!

    I am lagging this week, I have been out every day with one thing or another, today it was car maintenance. The heater on the car is faulty and was leaking water into the floor of the car. Yesterday it was the dentist, tomorrow it is lunch with alans father. Sheesh. I haven't done any painting for the market either this week...

  4. WOW! Charity, this is an excellent drawing, you are very good with coloured pencils...I knew you would be! Very well done, Charity!! >^_^<

  5. Charity ....Wow! ....this is wonderful of your best!!

  6. Thanks, JJ! Those folds were definately a was the glass...and the bowl...hmm..and the banana. lol

    Thanks, Ree! This is only the second time I've really played with them. lol

    Thanks, Anne! :D


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