Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Day 40.

Hope you guys don't mind, but I'm trying to catch myself up in classes, so I'd like to put this in as my day 40 drawing. Also, this is my first blending try.


  1. Absolutely do not mind. You are drawing and that is the main thing.

    Your shell looks like it is floating even with the shadow. I think if you had the shadow darker at the base and lighter the further away from the shell, it would "seat" it more. What do you think?

    Your blending looks good. smooth transitions.

    I am learning so much by critiquing. It is making me really look, and when I see something amis, now I can recognise why? Critiqing is good. You guys need to look, see, and critique in depth more, you will find your drawings improve 100 fold if you do..

  2. Thanks for the critique, JJ. The shell's reference is on wet canvas in the classroom. It looks like it's floating, too. lol I'll work on trying to add more graphite to the immediate base, though, and see if it grounds it more.

    This was the very first time I've actually tried blending, and let me tell's a LOT harder than it looks. lol I'm used to just adding more and more graphite till it looks right. I'm going to try more, though, and see how that goes. :)

  3. You got that right blending is hard. I am struggling with it too. I would lift some of the graphite on the outer reaches of that shadow with your putty eraser. Just gently dab.

    I keep asking questions in d&s as to how everyone blends, some of those drawings are fantastic..

  4. Yes, they are, JJ. I have to say, though..this is probably one of my better drawing so far..I like the fact that the scanner didn't make it quite as grainy as it normally does. I'd love to see what other people have said, but I haven't run across any answers yet.


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