Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 41(22-07-09) No I am not a closet drinker.....

Tania has 3 bottles of wine stashed on the top shelf of my wardrobe. She said they are special, to her, good year or something, and she doesn't want them touched. The stuff in the boxes down in the garage is fair game, but I keep forgetting it is there. Sheesh. Oh well, I don't drink alone anyway, so I will have to invite her around for a roast chook dinner, and wine.. :p

A4 sketchbook B's and H's graphite


  1. Nice drawing, JJ! I'll try this critique thing..but not really good at The bottle looks great, and the only thing that catches me as 'off' is the top..Im' not sure why, but it seems a bit wonky to me..the bottom is fabulous, though! :D

  2. The top is off. Yes. I did use a ruler on this, but I could not the the side and the top the same size and shape. I drew it too small for a start, I didn't give,myself room to draw to be honest. I used my magnifying glass to draw and draw the cap. Sigh. Never mind, it is all practice, and with the things wrong with this one, those I see, and those pointed out to me, I know I will do better on the next bottle I draw.

    In hindsight, I should not have drawn that dark shadow in the bottle at the top I guess, I liked the shapes and the lights in there which is why I did draw it in.

    We don't know we are making mistakes, until we actually draw it, and see for ourselves that we should have done it a different way.

    I keep persevering with these daily drawings, as I still have so much to learn about this drawing lark.

    I am going to look for a tutorial on blending tomorrow.

    I will one day in the not too distant future, draw a full picture on a nice piece of arches watercolour paper. This is what I am working up to. Have to crawl before I can walk.

  3. Great work again JJ .... I am so behind ....

  4. Bad girl Anne.. :p No excuse know you have pencils.. :D

  5. I typed out a comment before and it disappeared!!

    The cast shadow is a little on the light side, maybe darken it a bit more near the bottle. The ellipse is off at the top but perfect at the bottom! A very good effort, JJ!


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