Friday, July 17, 2009

From the Laundry Room

Ok, so I don't have much of an imagination right now. So, here's my fabric softener. It took close to 3 hours and by the time I got to the lid, I was sick of it. lol I tried the blending thing this time, and I'm not sure that it turned out well, but that may be because I have absolutely no clue how to blend. hahaha But that's least I tried. Yes, it DOES have a bend in it on the left..oddly, they've decided to make bottles more interesting looking lately, I suppose.
Weird...for some reason, my darks aren't that dark on the photo..even after me 'fixing' it. So, apparently, everything is a bit darker in my sketchbook than it shows...sorry about that.


  1. I started at the top, and worked down, by the time I got to the bottom, I had had it too. lol

    I like this, and yes you did try..

    Do you use the side of your lead to shade with?

    I blended mine first with the stump, then went over it with the tortillon.. You an also use a cotton, bud/Q-tip to blend, I read.

    Do something for me, draw the top and the first bit of the neck to the handle, again, on a separate page..

  2. Great drawing, Charity!

    You and JJ really like difficult subjects, hey! LOL
    You have a similar problem to JJ's...the handle could do with some more darker values to correct the bend i.e. bring it forward. Love the label! ;)

    I always start with the more difficult areas in a drawing and get them done first, rest comes easy ... well, anyway, that my theory! ;) .

  3. I did use the side of my lead to shade this time, and tried a tortillion to shade. It was working well on the left side, but by the time I got done with that side, the bottom, and the label, it stopped working so well. lol I'll draw the top part of it again for ya. :)

    It didn't look so difficult when I picked it, Ree, but it's most definately in that catagory..I think part of the problem was just that it was taking so long that I got sick of it. I started at the bottom, trying to make sure the bottom was even. But by the time I made it to the top, I didn't want to look at it anymore. lol Thanks. :D

  4. Clean your tortillons on your erasure, your plastic one.

    I too thought it was a fairly subject until I started to draw it lol..


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