Friday, July 17, 2009

DRAWING CHALLENGE DAY 35 (16-07-09) From the laundry....

So I went down to my laundry two or three times, and nothing grabbed me. Tonight I went back down again, and the shape of my laundry detergent bottle excited me, so I brought it upstairs to my office, put it in my shadow box, and drew it.

A4 sketchbook and graphite.


  1. You did really well. MUCH better than I did. lol Mine wouldn't fit in the box though. :( I love the shading on yours..and that lid...LOVE that lid! Sooo....I guess you opted out of the writing? lol

  2. Calligraphy and I do not agree lol

    Thanks Charity, I will go check out yours .. You need a bigger shoe box :D

  3. Great drawing JJ!

    Looks to me like the top left side is coming forward where as the opposite side is pushing back...I think the shading on the opposite side needs to be darker IMO

    Boy, you pick some difficult subjects, hey, but you've done a very good job on this one...well done, JJ!


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