Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Challenge: The River City

Watercolour. My first attempt. It has many faults but I feel encouraged to try again.

My words.

"Brisbane - The River City

Power and energy of the city centre contained by the peace and tranquility of the gardens and the river.

Viewing this scene in the middle of the day *flat light), the looming storm clouds invoked a feeling of aggression and menace towards an unsuspecting city - the people engrossed in thier highrise world and oblivious to the approaching storm until it is upon them and the oigjtning pierces their senses, the thunder roars and the water sheets down."


  1. Ooo-oooo, you took this photo from Kangaroo point. I have taken many photos from there, it is a fabulous vantage point.. In fact that oil I am still procrs'...or working on is this view. How cool is that...

    My favourite part is that pthalo blue building. One of the ones behind it, is the building that Tania works in, on the 22nd floor. I have some great photo's from up there too..

  2. Oh! I remember this scene from the 'Different Strokes' Challenge on WC!
    I like the sky area Colleen, very dramatic...well done!!;)

  3. Really nice Colleen ....very moody feeling ..... I like it!

  4. I prefer most vividness to the day, so the light is striking. I think the shoreline looks good. Commendable.

  5. Thank you all for your kind words. I am going to try again.


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